Chiayo Portable PA Rechargeable Battery Problem Solving Checklist and Battery Care


  • Flat batteries. Charge up immediately for 10 hours by plugging IEC mains lead in. Make sure PA is switched off.
  • Dead batteries. If batteries have come to the end of their life expectancy (i.e. they will no longer charge up), they will need to be replaced. (Batteries are warranted for 3 months against faulty manufacturing.) When used and charged correctly the batteries should last between 1 and 2 years under normal use.
  • Fuse may also need to be checked in case it has come loose or blown.


  • Check master volume control is up and also specific function volume control, (i.e. CD, Tape, Receiver, Mic, Line, USB etc)
  • Check PA’s charge indicator light. If red light is on, batteries are low and PA may turn on but may not produce audio. Recharge for 10 hours.
  • Check your transmitter / microphone is switched on.
  • Check battery in transmitter is good. Wireless microphones have a red LED light that will flash once if battery is good. If red LED light stays on or is dim, replace with fresh alkaline or good quality rechargeable immediately.
  • Check that your wireless microphone transmitter is on the same frequency group (i.e. 750MHz or 800MHz) as your PA system receiver. (eg. if the PA receiver is on 750MHz group but the transmitter is on 800MHz group it is not compatible.)
  • Check that both the receiver and transmitter are set to the same channel. (NB for hand held transmitters, the channel select pot is located just below the on/off switch. For beltpack transmitters, slide the front panel open to locate the channel select pot).
  • When changing the channel on the transmitters, it needs to be switched off first. This re sets the frequency channel


  • Check Voice Priority switch on PA. If Voice Priority is on, music source will drop in volume when you start talking through the microphone.
  • Check volume control that relates to the function you are using, as well as Master Volume control.
  • Low batteries in PA or transmitter. Check battery indicator light.


  • You may be too far away from the PA with the wireless microphone. Usually 30m-40m is the limit they will transmit in line of sight before dropouts occur.
  • Sometimes if you are standing too close to the P.A. the transmitter signal may be too strong and cause noise. Stand at least 1m away from the P.A.
  • Local interference may occur if someone nearby is transmitting on a similar frequency to the one your P.A. is receiving. Change the channel on your P.A. receiver to find a clear channel but remember to change your microphone channel to match also.
  • “Feedback” is the high pitched squealing noise that occurs if a microphone is pointed at the speaker or too close to the speaker. Avoid standing or walking directly in front of the P.A. whilst your microphone is on. Feedback can also occur if the P.A. is too loud. Reduce the volume.
  • Static noise or popping noise may appear when batteries are low. Recharge or replace accordingly.
  • There may be a lot of metal in the environment your P.A. is operating in, such as fencing, steel framework, metal structures etc.


To maximise the life of the built in, re-chargeable batteries in this unit please follow these instructions:

  • Charge unit for 15 hours before first use.
  • After PA has been used for a period of time (usually between 3 - 6 hours) it may shut down as the batteries become flat. Do not reset on/off switch as this may cause damage to batteries. Re-charge unit for 10-12 hours ASAP!
  • Do not store PA system with discharged batteries (eg. Over school holidays etc.)
  • PA system may be recharged after short usage; batteries do not need to be completely flat before recharging.
  • To prolong battery life, switch PA off when not in use.
  • We do not recommend leaving PA on charge for more than 24 hours.
  • The battery manufacturer warrants the batteries for 3 months from purchase date. Damage to batteries after this time will not be covered by warranty.
  • Notice regarding humid and corrosive (Chlorine etc) environments:
    Due to the electronics and components contained within this portable PA system, exposure to such environments is not recommended and may potentially affect an arising warranty claim due to prematurely rusted potentiometers and components, etc

    *Please note: Use only good quality ALKALINE batteries in wireless microphone transmitters for best results.

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