Buyer’s Guide to Powered Speakers For Sale

1. What is a powered speaker?

Powered speakers, also commonly referred to as active speakers, come with built-in amplifiers, which means you do not need to invest in a separate amp or worry about matching it to your speakers - a convenience that simplifies setup and usage.


2. What should I look for when choosing a powered speaker?

When shopping for powered speakers, there are several crucial factors to consider to ensure you make a purchase that fits your audio needs. Look for models that offer clear, balanced sound across all frequencies, from deep, robust bass to crisp, detailed highs. Power output, measured in watts, along with the efficiency of the speaker components (dB) is a key indicator of how loud your speakers can get without distorting the sound, so consider the size of the venue or room where you’ll be using them. Build quality, weight, and portability can also impact your decision, especially if you plan on transporting your speakers to different locations.


4. Can powered speakers be used outdoors?

Certainly, provided there is an accessible power source, powered speakers offer a practical option for outdoor PA use.


5. How do I connect my device to a powered speaker?

Connectivity is an important feature; input options may include XLR, jack, Bluetooth, USB, and more, allowing you to connect from a mixing console or even a phone to a speaker in a variety of audio sources. Most speakers these days have a built-in microphone preamp which means you can even plug a microphone directly via a microphone cable for say making speeches at a wedding.


6. Price range, brand and warranty

As with most purchases in life, one generally gets what they pay for. More expensive speakers such as the QSC K.2 series, sold with a six-year warranty, will far outperform the more budget-conscious models such as the Behringer B series. That said, the Behringer speakers come with a three-year warranty and for many applications will do a fair job delivering bang for your buck!


7. How do I know if the powered speakers are reliable and perform well?

Examining customer reviews and brand reputation aids, and talking to experienced live sound engineers will assist in understanding the long-term reliability and performance of the powered speakers you're interested in. With these considerations in mind, you'll be well-equipped to find a set of powered speakers that will deliver exceptional audio for all your listening experiences.


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