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RocknRoller Multi-Cart

RocknRoller® Multi-Cart® is the manufacturer of the world's most innovative transformable utility carts. Instantly transform into 8 different shapes replacing 8 different cart types. For Audio, Video & Photography Professionals as well as Material Handling, Construction, Plumbers, Electricians, Tradesmen, Delivery Men, Gardeners and more.

RocknRoller® Multi-Cart® 8-in1 Equipment Transporters are vastly superior to any utility cart, foldable cart, handtruck, or convertible cart for moving equipment in the field. Designed for professionals where speed and efficiency are crucial, Multi-Carts can reduce time and effort moving gear by 50% or more. In addition, there are numerous accessories available.

RocknRoller Multi-Cart® is the perfect transportation solution for broadcasters, mobile audio technicians, audio and video applications, photographers, videographers and more. Ultimate versatility and the ability to change configurations on the go to fit virtually any combination of equipment make Multi-Carts the go-to utility cart in studios, TV sets, movie sets and sound rooms around the world.



  • RocknRoller® Multi-Cart® Instantly transforms into 8 different configurations
  • Expandable frame adjusts to load size and shape
  • Huge load capacity, but folds small for storage
  • Lightweight, rugged and ergonomically efficient
  • Reduces time and effort moving equipment by up to 50%
  • Designed for professionals
  • Full line of accessories available
  • Award winning patented design
  • New R-Trac wheels on all cart models never go flat

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