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MC Systems

The new ‘Apollo’ range of effects ped­als from MC Sys­tems com­bines rugged looks with an inno­v­a­tive func­tional twist. Designed in Aus­tralia by elec­tronic music spe­cial­ist War­ren McAl­is­ter, MC Sys­tems intro­duces a new approach to pedal con­trol. Each pedal in the ini­tial release of eight mod­els is fit­ted with MC Sys­tems’ patent pend­ing ‘V-Switch’ dynamic true bypass switch­ing, which allows the player to enable the effect to a vary­ing degree – depen­dent on how hard you stomp on it! This dynamic response is applied to the most appro­pri­ate para­me­ter for the par­tic­u­lar effect e.g. Over­drive — Drive, Cho­rus – Depth, Delay – Regen etc. A sec­ond footswitch gives fast access to two alter­nate para­me­ters e.g. Cho­rus rate, Delay time, Over­drive level etc.

The Apollo range includes: Dynamic Drive, Dynamic Dis­tor­tion, Dynamic Fuzz, Dynamic Phaser, Dynamic Delay, Glass Cho­rus, Hybrid Cho­rus and String Reviver.